Sentry 2 Button Horz Controller & Auxiliary (DCOM)


The Sentry unit is designed for general purpose situations, a PSTN Doorstation featuring an interactive voice prompt for quick and easy programming. (Power supply (PSU) is supplied).

The Sentry Doorstation ranges from one to six buttons and can be expanded up to sixteen buttons on a custom panel. The standard panel (130mm X 270mm) is made from  304 stainless steel. The metal buttons and keypad (4×3) are made to be vandal resistant.

Panels are available in either vertical or horizontal, and can be anodised aluminium or stainless steel. If you require the panel to be made of different material (ie. Brass, gold-plated, etc), this too is available upon request.

With programmable auto dial buttons, the Sentry doorstations are a user friendly solution for controlled entry.  In the event of noisy environments a push-to-talk feature can be implemented in order to overcome the background noise level while on a call. (Available on all models).

Download the brochure here sentry.web



Sentry door station with 2 button intercom

The Sentry 2 Button Horizontal –  Controller & Auxiliary are two loud-speaking door stations that are paired. (Pole mount not include)
The controller unit can be configured and will control the Auxiliary. The Auxiliary requires the Controller to function and cannot run independently.

Download the brochure here sentry.web

Key features:

  • Speed dialer option
  • Vandal resistant buttons or keypad
  • Battery backup and solar panel (optional)
  • Remote programming facilities
  • Remote operating features
  • Remote diagnostic testing
  • Remote relay activation
  • Self identification
  • Push to talk for noisy environments
  • Up to 10 keyless entries
  • Low power operation mode
  • Handset or hands-free operation
  • Keypad or button operation (up to 24 buttons)
  • Stores up to 1000 phone numbers (primary numbers)
  • Two alternative numbers per primary number (local alt. number)
  • 1000-number Caller Line Identification (CLI) for door access control
  • Two global alternative numbers if required (over-rides local alt. numbers)
  • Quad-band 3G/GSM, GPRS, EDGE and dual-band UMTS/HSDPA
  • Wireless telephone with SMS alarm dialling
  • Uses standard GSM SIM card registration
  • Hands-free operation
  • Multi-number dialing option

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Stainless steel Enclosures


Dallas Delta Corporation manufactures many different types of enclosures to ensure their products can be mounted on almost any wall and in any space. Our range of enclosures also makes sure your investment is protected from environmental factors such as weather and vandalism.

Download the brochure enclosures.web

Please contact our sales team for a quote on an enclosure you wish to purchase. 



Our Stainless Steel WeatherShield enclosures may be used for externally mounting these products and protect the doorstation unit from the environment. While our WeatherTough series enclosures are ideal in applcations requiring an IP rating of 65/66 (waterproof).

Download the brochure enclosures.web


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Sentry & Sentinel, CST 130 X 270, CST 233 X 322 Stainless Steel, CST 233 X 322 White Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel Surface Mount Vert, Stainless Steel Surface Mount Horz


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1 Button, 2 Button, 3 Button, 4 Button, Keypad Speed Dial, Keypad


Externally Powered, Line powered, VoIP, GSM


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