Sentinel – Mark 4 (Horizontal)


The Sentinel Doorstation Mark 4 gives the user of a secure way of managing entrance control for office & apartment buildings.

It offers secured entry, code access door release, with auto answer and termination of calls. Users can communicate with visitors and allow keyless entry.

The standard panel size for all Sentinel units is 130mm x 270mm, custom panel sizes and layouts can be tailor made to your needs.

Panels are available in either vertical or horizontal, and can be powder-coated or anodised.

If you require the panel to be made from another material other than the standard stainless steel. Choose from optional Aluminium, Brass

Key Features:

  • 1000 name and phone number capacity
  • keyless door entry
  • dual line LCD with back light
  • up to 3 on board relays with unique codes (optional)
  • Contact Directory
  • Two on board relays with unique codes (Up to 3 optional)
  • V.32 bis / 9600 baud Modem
  • Half Duplex hands free operation
  • Keyless door entry
  • Dual line LCD with back light
  • Non volatile memory
  • Backup battery circuitry built in
  • Programmable company logo / building name
  • Auto hang up and auto answer facilities
  • Flexible 1 to 6 digit room numbers
  • RTC recording and storing of gate events
  • Loud speaker output of 1 watt peak, one phone line required
  • Power pack supplied
  • Remote operating features (speaker and mic level control)
  • Dual remote relay activation (door/gate release)
  • Local programming facilities (optional no bill interface)
  • RFID card reader for gate release (optional)

Download the brochure here sentinel.web


Download the brochure here sentinel.web


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