DIP 40B Intercom


A smart Doorstation & Intercom system that gives the user more options, in a simple user friendly interface.

The IP Intercom system linked with the VIP70 Room Monitor to become an all in one intercom system. Each apartment using the VIP70 Room Monitor, at the press of a button can: activate the intercom, view the camera, open the Door, send sms messages between devices and alert building security, manager or concierge. All with a familiar iPad/tablet touch screen style interface.

The IP Intercom system is designed to be a flexible and scaleable. Have up to two intercoms at two entry points and multiple VIP70 Room Monitors in installed in each appartment. All with a plug and play simple installation method.

The resident can walk around with the VIP70 (WiFi version) Room Monitor and use the device where ever they are in the home. While you are on the couch or in the back yard, at the push of a button you can see who’s at the door and let them in.

In the concierge feature, the resident may give an SMS instruction (eg. ‘Please call me a taxi’) by touching an icon on the screen. A handy feature for a retirement village or apartment with a reception attendant.

10 reasons why?

  1. User-friendly interface and easy to follow installation. No specialized training is needed for installation and maintenance
  2. No matter if building has 1 or 1000 rooms; the wring is very easy, unique and only CAT5/6 type cable is used in the process
  3. No special software, server, computer or device is needed to installed Multitek IP intercom system
  4. The video and voice quality are same for all rooms in the network. Video and voice quality are same across all distances
  5. Video distributor or video amplifier are not required
  6. Rooms and facilities can make video calls or SMS messages, with unlimited number of channels
  7. All calls coming from the door panels are recorded at the indoor monitors
  8. Room Monitors can view the buildings CCTV
  9. Included building services that include concierge, security and any custom services required
  10. Cost effective

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The IP INTERCOM consist of four different types of devices connected using CAT6 cable. The devices include:

  • Room Monitor (VIP70)
  • Door Panel (IP INTERCOM)
  • PoE switch
  • Power Adaptor

The PoE switch connects and powers all the devices that are connected using the CAT6 cable. The IP system can be expanded to any number of rooms, as long as the required number of PoE switches are installed.

IP systems do not require any video distributors or amplifiers. All rooms have HD video and clear voice quality. (Voice and video quality are same for all devices.)

The basic connection between apartment blocks

Door Panels, monitors, PoE switches and adapters are mounted to all blocks apartment blocks. If the distance between the blocks of apartments is less than 70 meters, the apartments can be connected with underground CAT6 cabling. The guard points in the site are equipped with the 10″ guard station. If the main entrances of the site have IP cameras they are connected to the IP intercom network so the rooms can monitor the entrance points.

Unlimited number of: room monitors, door panels, indoor panels, elevators, door keepers, guards, guard cameras etc. are connected to a PoE switch and are all powered via PoE.


  • Unlimited number of devices are connected together with a PoE switch(s). CAT6 cable used may be maximum 70 meter long. For longer distances, another switch or fiber should be used
  • There can be up to 1000 units in the building (or more by special request)
  • Unlimited number of room monitors may talk each other with video and audio conversation
  • The picture memory of the monitor records 1000 calls from the doorpanel(s)
  • Password or proximity/NFC card door release
  • RFiD Touch card access to building
  • The rooms may give an order (eg. Call a taxi) by touching an icon on the screen (concierge feature)
  • The main enterence door is opened by Key-Less entry (entering a password) or using a RFiD proximity card or by the room monitor.
  • Any IP cameras connected to the same network may be monitored on the room monitors
  • System sofware is upgraded via SD card or a PC or through internet
  • The unit measures W 140mm H 370mm D 14mm (including LED light frame/surround W 172mm H 403mm D 199mm)
  • Operating temperature -20 to +55 C
  • Choice of White or Black unit
  • Programable key colours, choose from seven colours
  • Operation voltage & current 12 – 18 VDC (PoE, 500mA maximum current)


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