Liftcom – Line Powered

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The Liftcom is a one-touch, auto dialing, loud-speaker emergency lift-car telephone with voice recording and playback facilities.


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Installed in Lift cars for emergency auto dialing. The Liftcom emergency telephone features easy to use interface, with one press Speed-Dial. Choice of internal or external Loud Speaker & Microphone that filters out background noise.

It is powered from the telephone line and is cased in a compact and robust enclosure. The unit can store a 16 second, 8 second and two 4 second voice messages. This unit also boasts an inbuilt electronic voice prompt for parameter interrogation.

Download the brochure liftcom.web


  • Voice message record and playback
  • Hands free operation
  • Loud speaker output >88dBa @ 1metre
  • Auto dialling with alternate number
  • Remote operating features
  • Button or remote relay activation
  • Remote programming facilities
  • Self identification via voice and DTMF
  •  Built-in electronic voice interrogation
  • Seven alarm inputs (optional)
  • Multi-line capability (optional)
  • Remote relay activation door release
  • Remote diagnostic testing
  • Switching circuitry (screen out background noise)
  • Remote diagnostic testing

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