Guard 4 Button Vert (Line powered) (LP)


The Guard Doorstation MK2 is designed for surface mount installations. It comes already fitted with a Stainless Steel, surface mount, box enclosure and is made for vertical mounted installation.

The Guard Doorstation is a powerful all in one, interactive telephone unit that offers security and control. Designed to fit any place you require a high quality, loud speaker, hands-free telephone.

Guarding you against unwanted entry onto your property, this unit will give you the ability to authorise access to welcomed visitors without having to leave the comfort of your home or office.

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Australian designed and manufactured, The Guard unit is designed to withstand tough conditions and is built to be reliable, weather and vandal resistant.

With a low-cost of ownership, the Guard Doorstation is the best choice for securing any property from unwanted entry.





  • secured door access intercom for business and residential premises.
  • general remote entry intercom (for example to open remote gates)  for larger business sites, at remote sites (including via mobile telephone) or where additional security is required.
  • entrance to hotels and apartment blocks with a concierge.

Key Features:

  • remote level control
  • vandal resistant
  • firmware upgrade
  • weathershield panel/enclosure

Download product Brochure guard.web

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Line Powered, Externally Powered, GSM, VoIP


1 Button, 2 Button, 3 Button, 4 button


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