Intercom monitor door panel brushed metal

VIP72 IP Monitor (7″ display)


• Brushed Aliminium front pannel

• 7” TFT LCD, capacitive touch screen

• Camera, TFT card, displaying date & time,

environment temperature

• Ethernet connection with PoE

• Audio & video communication between all devices

• Adjustable Ring tones

• Holds up to 1000 snap-shots from a door panel in internal memory

• Connects up to 3 devices per room

• Monitoring IP cameras (ONVIF) connected to the intercom network

• SMS message sending and receiving

• Emergency button, Do not disturb, Follow-me etc.

• Energy saving mode

Dimensions: W 256mm x H 147mm x D 19mm


With an easy to navigate user interface and icon style GUI, the VIP72 is designed for the apartment or office to view and control visitors to the building.

The interactive touch screen activates many functions which include: video calling, phone book, camera view (up to 9 security cameras), contact security or reception,  emergency call, SMS messaging (between devices), alarm clock. Along with displaying the date, time and temperature.

As an added security the VIP72 IP Monitor automatically takes a picture on a missed call, answered calls can take a picture at the press of a button. (1000 pictures as standard, more with optional SD card)

The concierge feature can be used to give orders to external locations from the network e.g. Calling a cab, checking the pickup or delivery from a courier.

The VIP72 includes a surface mount frame made from high quality aluminium.

All devices connect to the network easily, the installation and maintenance of the intercom system does not require any special training, device or computer. All devices can be configured and updated via service management software.

If you need to integrate with alarm and smart home systems, there is upgraded models available which include:  VIP72
and VIP72 Smart.

Please note: All Multitek devices must be powered by a Multitek PoE

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