GUV IP-100 (Handset & Monitor)


Concierge Station or IP Monitor with handset

Designed for the concierge, security guards or managers of a building

The GUV-VIP100 (Handset & Monitor) is a long Iife screen with fast touch detection and capacitive touch function, all in a Android GUI.



• Handset or hands-free operation

• Displays missed calls, incoming, outgoing with name and room number

• A inhouse phone directory, dial rooms in the network

• View the caller before answering a video call.

• Call diverting to programmed number (s).

• All features are activated via touch-screen. Long Life screen with fast touch detection and capacitive touch function

• Main screen displays time, date, ambient temperature and other icons with activated features

• Video calls

• One touch video connection to door panels, indoor panel and up to 9 securi­ty cameras

• Programmable alarm clock

• An Emergency Icon on the main screen is used to call critical numbers (ie. Emergency numbers)

• Energy saving / sleep mode

• User friendly GUI (graphical user interface)

• Call any room in the network (building)

• The intercom network works like a telephone exchange, each room can then call each other

• Call reception or doorstation

• Picture capturing on missed calls

• “Do Not Disturb”, “Follow-me”, “Call forwarding if busy”

• Door monitoring & door communication

• High quality video and sound

• Customised ring tones for each location

• Caller ID displayed prior to answering

• All devices can send and receive SMS messages to any device in the network

• Automated recording of pictures of all incoming calls from the door panel(s). (1000 pictures as standard, unlimited with optional SD cards)

• Concierge feature: Giving instructions to external locations from the network eg. Calling a cab

• Automated for devices self diagnosis and status control

• Devices may be connected to the network easily in seconds

• Installation and maintenance of the intercom system does not need any special training, equipment or computer software

• System software may be installed or updated by SD card or remotely via the internet

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