PoE Switch 8 Port


Please note: A Multitek 8 port Ethernet switch is required to run all Multitek devices.

• 8 port PoE feature

• Each port powers an IP device

• Includes power supply

10 reasons why?

  1. User-friendly interface and easy to follow installation. No specialized training is needed for installation and maintenance
  2. No matter if building has 1 or 1000 rooms; the wring is very easy, unique and only CAT5/6 type cable is used in the process
  3. No special software, server, computer or device is needed to installed Multitek IP intercom system
  4. The video and voice quality are same for all rooms in the network. Video and voice quality are same across all distances
  5. Video distributor or video amplifier are not required
  6. Rooms and facilities can make video calls or SMS messages, with unlimited number of channels
  7. All calls coming from the door panels are recorded at the indoor monitors
  8. Room Monitors can view the buildings CCTV
  9. Included building services that include concierge, security and any custom services required
  10. Cost effective
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