3KV PSTN Line Isolation Unit

They are designed specifically for situations where there is a possibility of Earth Potential Rise (EPR) or high potential differences between the customer premises and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

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The 3kV LIU model LIU-4302 Line Isolation Unit via a two wire dial through unit designed for use in conjunction with customer premises Equipment which is not capable of meeting ACA stringent demands for line isolation. It provides the appropriate isolation standards and allows connection to the PSTN of otherwise non permitted equipment (subject to the approval by ACAof the combined LI-4302 and termination equipment. The LIU-4302 is available as a single stand alone unit which comes fully equipped with power cord, telephone cord with a 605 plug attached and an RJ12 modular telephone socket on the equipment side. Rack mount and multiple port configurations are also available on request. (For specifications please refer to the 3kV LIU brochure).

The Line Isolation Unit (LIU) series offers outstanding and versatile features to suit all of today’s demanding safety telecommunication applications, from voice calls to data transfers.

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Some features include:

  • high voltage isolator
  • 2.7 km long distance light-pipe data transformers
  • low frequency – voice/fax/modem
  • high frequency – cable/ADSL/ISDN high voltage links


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