LIU line isolation unit high voltage

20KV Line Isolator

20 KV Fibre Line Isolation Unit

The Line Isolation Unit (LIU) series offers outstanding and versatile features to suit all of today’s demanding safety telecommunication applications, from voice calls to data transfers.

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The 20kV high voltage fibre optic line isoation unit is a sophisticated transmission device used to send and receive data via optical cable. It was designed for applications where there exists a possibility of a high potential difference between the customer premises and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Valuable telecommunication assets such as telephones, data modems, fax machines and computers are safe from damage due to high voltage surges on the line caused by lightning strikes. Fibre optic cable is tamper-proof so it provides a very high level of protection from bugging such as tapping in on the line.

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