intercom and doorstaion connection system


The Intercall provides you with the ability to connect an intercom or doorstation to an already existing exchange line, without the need for a complete re-run of cables.

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The Intercall provides an intercom circuit that allows twp analog telephones to be connected in a similar manner to a normal telephone call. The intercall can provide dial and busy service tones, this allows any doorstation that relies on the precence of dial tone and/or busy tone for operation (ie hang up on busy) to operate normally.

The intercall can also be connected as part of the house telephones. A call from the doorstation can ring all the house telephones.


  • Distinct ring tone
  • Intrusion tone
  • Unique ring cadence for EXCH mode
  • Hotline compatible
  • Dial tone generation
  • Compact and robust construction
  • Standard RJ12 connectors.


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