Fujica flap barrier entry management system

Fujica FJC-Z1138 Flap Barrier


Fujica Pedestrian Control product include: Flap Barrier, Swing Barrier and Tripod Turnstile.

The Flap Barrier System using the Intelligent Card Reader/Writer Management is a designed to help manage pedestrian movement in public locations.
Features include; Entrance control, time attendance and pedestrian volume control. The Fujica FJC-Z1138 Barriers can be used indoor and outdoor, with a working temperature range of (minus)-30℃ — +70℃.

Our products widely used in Stadiums, Tourist areas, Exhibition Centres, Stations and busy public locations. They can allow 40 people per minute to pass though, which can be reduced and set to control the volume of a crowd entering.


  • Compatible with RF Card Access Control System
  • Can be expanded to automatic identification system, realizing functions like access control, pedestrian flow control, attendance check or fare collection
  • Equipped with international standard electrical interface, can be easily integrated with other R/W device, also can be controlled and managed through remote supervision computer
  • Infrared photocell protection
  • LED direction indicator
  • Can open the gate by two input signals
  • Audible sound prompt and information display function available
  • The flaps will open automatically during power interruption, and recover N/C mode after power on (optional)
  • Counting function
  • Heating equipement for low temperature (optional)

To download more information on the Pedestrian Control Range click here FUJICA.pedestrian.control

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SKU: FJC-Z1138 Category: Pedestrian Control


Flap  Barrier FJCZ1138

Housing material – 304 stainless steel

Working enviorment – Indoor and outdoor

Working temperature –  (minus)-30℃ — +70℃

Relative humidity –  ≤95% coagulation free

MCBF – 3,000,000 cycles

Channel width – 500-550 mm

Pass speed – 40 persons/min.

Input interface – switch volume or 12V level

Power supply – AC 220V/110V (optional)

Communication interface – RS485

Power – 50W

To download more information on the Pedestrian Control Range click here FUJICA.pedestrian.control