Customer Service Telephone (CST )

The CST (Customer Service Telephone) is a dedicated information and customer support telephone. Made for high traffic public areas or secure installations.

It’s designed to be a reliable and durable to suit the high usage in a any location. 

Our CST’s have been installed as customer information telephones in: Banks, Supermarkets, Shopping Centres, Taxi Areas, Airports, Train Stations, Hotels and Tourist Locations as an alternative to a staffed information kiosk.

The CST is also used as Public Telephones and in Prisons, where a durable exterior is required.

 A variety of options are available, including features allowing the handset to be mounted away from the main control equipment and flush mounting/wall mounting kits to ensure right fitting for any installation.

Options include a Keypad (touch tone dialing) capabilities to use IVR services and direct memory location dialing. 

We design & manufacture The CST unit in Australia to withstand general public locations to be reliable and vandal resistant. 

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